The cross country skiing is good with the snow, but the tele skiing....not yet. Julie, Dan, Ben and I had a great time trying to ski and sled.
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Heading to Moose Mountian...

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Julie full speed ahead.

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The dogs thought the sledding was great. We tried to take each one of them for a ride.

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It was a ruff week of dialysis, but you'd never guess from this picture!
Shredding the Moose at 6pm, Dialysis at 6am. It is quite the life I lead right now.


some news

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5 below this morning on the walk to the bus, the streets are snow covered, the snow is falling- i love winter in fairbanks!

our blood tests from mayo came back OK. we have one area that still needs another test to have the final confirmation if ben can be a donor. we hope to know more by nov. 9th.


julie, ben and i went for a walk with all the dogs at creamer's field. the snow is finally coming down!
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ben trying to bench me.
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caz and sky picking on pella



dea had a lot of school work to do, and i've been intching to get in a trip north, so i packed the dogs in the car and drove up the dalton today.

the roads were covered in ice by the time i got to Hilltop, and it didn't get much better all the way to the Yukon River.

the road was desolate, except for a dozen or so semis. the dog's and i had a good trip, but i was hoping for some more folks on the road.

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dan's out of town, so i had Sky with me today. this is Pella finally fighting back.

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Sky on the Yukon.

i've posted more photos over at my other blog...


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julie and audrey picked me up from dialysis and we had a girls desert night.
as you can see from the picture caz is recovered from her surgery.


fiber optic outage

today in fairbanks we were without phone, internet or television. some tv stations are still out, but the internet is on. also no visa credit cards, it was an interesting day of cash only. rumors are the flood in valdez and someone cut a cable? the call in radio shows were saying "well if someone were to call in they would ask..."

yesterday ben, pella and i went on a hike to angel rocks, still no snow! the low horizon sun cast long shadows and we are enjoying the sun before it is gone this winter.
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testing the self timer.

we also had all of our blood drawn today and overnight to mayo clinic. we should know more about the possibility of a kidney transplant by the end of the week. dea


pie and potato turkey fry bonfire

tom trainor and sarah (tom is a prof. from chem dept.) had their first annual pie and potato bonfire party last night. the idea was to bring your favorite pie or potato dish. there was some great stuff from minced meat and moose meat pie to potato salmon croquets...and my favorite potato chocolates!
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the bonfire, it is finally in the 20's and good temp for a bonfire, but our snow is lacking.

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spudka girls! ( spudka vodka is made from potatoes,obviously by the name)


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we had some friends over for dinner last night, i cooked everyone a nice dinner. it was a nice end to to a weekend of hiking in this warm spell we are having! ben also found out well street gallery excepted him to do a full show in Feb. 08, so that is exciting!

today was a ruff day on dialysis though i am just now getting around. i guess given that i have kidney failure ruff days are to be expected sometimes and i just think about getting thru the day rather than a million other things like usual. ben of course was very supportive and now i am up and ready to do some work! -dea


all dea

tonight after dialysis dea said, "I want to cook a nice dinner tonight".

for those of you playing along at home...that was "I.." not "you should..", but "I want to cook a nice dinner tonight"!

dea is feeling increasingly better, with a gargantuan apatite. we bought a great cook book at gulliver's this weekend. i almost bought it a billion different times when i worked there, but it was in the discount bin of sorts this weekend for $10 so we bought it. dea has been crazy with it- cooking like a mad chef! her diet is pretty specific, and she's embraced the change.

so, tonight she had a taste for... seared tuna with mint and herbs, over a bed of mixed greens, and roasted sweet potatoes. needless to say, it was a spectacular meal! i'm used to doing the bulk of the cooking, but dea has earned a new job- she's much better than i am!

now, she's up at the lab doing research. her data can only be collected at night, so she took off to get some work done.

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dea and her new read.

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slicing a very rare piece of tuna.

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while we're at it- last night with a mask. this is dea's "seriously, put the camera down" look.


a new Huff in the family!

Caden Benjamin Huff finally arrived today.

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I talked to Cory a few times today, and sounds like Caden and Sharae are both doing well. check out their blog for more pictures (and great ones of Taylor from the past few weeks).