more pond hockey.... 12F but when will it snow?

Birthday girl Kat and Mike on the ice. Mike gave me some great pointers today, Trevor will be so proud :-)

Group shot. Maybe a Kat b-day tradition, but I sure hope not. We really need to be skiing!

Magan and Dan going at it. Though (and this is my first Hockey term I'll through out there), I think they are high sticking??


Ice Hockey on Smith Lake

Ed corralled us all into a hockey game on frozen Smith Lake. The light was awesome, the temp warm 18F, and ice frozen. We usually have snow by now and we are skiing the groomed Smith Lake, but not this year so we are playing hockey instead. There were some impressive players, Lars jumping, young Tanner and graceful Ed.

These would be the some of the other players :-)

Ed going after the puck.

Ed, Adrian, Sharon and Lars...practicing for our next game.

Silhouette of Ben playing "old school Iowa pond hockey".

Sausage making, Glasses and Babies

I was fortunate to start learning how to make sausage a weekend or two ago. Luke and I cutting up Sheep and Caribou. Hopefully the final outcome will be caribou polish sausage this spring. Magan and I had to leave early to knit, so I am still waiting to learn part 2,3,4....

Sophisticated measuring method of beef fat to meat.

I always take random pictures out on the trail, this was a great sunset with Ann, Kristen and Anna. This is the moment I lost my eye glasses on the trail. After a dinner and some wine we attempted to find them with no luck. I ran the same trail a few times this weekend and the last time with Ben we found them!

Baby Galen is so cute!


Kristen's Birthday Dinner

K-Bar turned 35 last night and we had a great dinner at Lavelle's. Anthony also made an incredible cheesecake for desert.