Anchorage, again.

well, we had to do a fast trip to Anchorage again. i had another infection in my catheter and had to have surgery right away to replace it. i'll spare the details. here is ben swimming with the dolphins. we were also able to shop at my new favorite store, circular.


Way to go Ben!

The official word is out, Ben won 2nd place in the Alaska Positive Photography competition. They frame his prints that were selected and all the photos selected tour the state museums of this coming year. Check out the link below.



I passed!

I passed my orals exams and I am now a Ph.D. Candidate! Thanks everyone for coming out to Silver Gulch, it was a great time.

Thanks to Ed and Trevor, who gave me a gift certificate for a massage, from Brown.
Dan also passed his oral exams this week and who wouldn't want a pair of down booties for that.


i spent most of the day getting ready for my upcoming oral exams (very exciting!), but still was able to get out for a long ride on the bike. kristen, lisa and I headed out for a superb day on the dog musher hall/ creamer's field ski trails.
of course spring time in Fairbanks means skiing, but we are trying to move on. i led us on a crazy route all over the trail system to some loops i have never seen. kristen had her massive Fairbanks snow tires on, which were perfect for this kind of riding. there were some soft spots, but that just made it more interesting.


we had a girls night music swap last night at kristen's. i have been updating my ipod all morning. pink martini and new ryan adams are my new favorites. she had a ton of music that i have not heard before from Denver, she is from CO too and moved to Fairbanks in the last year.

pella making herself at home, she fell asleep on this tin tub in the corner.


ed and brian had a slide show this weekend on their wilderness classic route through the wrangell mountains. there was a good showing and i showed up early to make martini's for everyone.

then of course, the slide show party turned into a dance party. it was another fun night of dancing. we even had wu out there showing us his moves.

greg and kristen came over friday and greg was going to help ben with his photo website. but then he settled into our couch with some scotch and pella......instead we listened to some great new music ben has downloaded. (hi sarah!)


they made it!

photo by Brian Jackson
we will see the official slide show from Ed and Brian this weekend, but here is the article in today's new's miner and some great pics from them!(click on the sentence below)

Jackson and Plumb were two of the nine racers who accepted the challenge that is the Wilderness Classic, the longest, toughest — and only — unsupported backcountry ski race in Alaska.