Mt Healy Challenge

Mt Healy Challenge was a running race 1.5 mile and 1600 feet of vertical. It was pouring rain and around 37 degrees, fun running weather. It was a little tough for me, but I took my waterproof camera to get some pics. Here is the top, with Ben and Matias the race director.

The flags mark the course up from the road, this picture is on our way down.

Ned and Anna at the start watching Kristen race. She had to run fast so Ned could get to his book signing in Denali Park, but this was no problem she won.


Mayo ,taco night and running

I am still on my every other week schedule for Mayo. My 6 month transplant biospy/IV infusion went OK yesterday. I had a few complications that were scary for a few hours, but everything turned out. The kidney is working great of course, but still high anti bodies :-( I have not gone on any trips lately, but I thought I would blog a few random pics because my flight is delayed 2 hours today because of some cool big thunderstorms in MN.
I raced a 5k this past weekend that felt pretty good....there was also a 10k race that most did. Heather won and Kristen was second.
Ben ran the 10k too!

Jackson had a taco party at his house. Magan cooked up some great Mexican food.

Lena and I enjoying the food!


Housitting/Hard Luck Creek Fire

Magan and I having a nice dinner and wine out on the deck during the ash fall from yet another new fire, 2.7 million acres so far in Alaska. This fire however is near Murphy Dome, very close to where Magan is house sitting (Jackson's) and then I am house sitting much farther down the road then that.

The yellow orange sky with limited visibility before it became nearly zero for the next day. The airport canceled flights and hard travel on the roads. We are surrounded on all sides with fires this year.
Tonight there was a community meeting for the Hard Luck Creek fire. We were given the map with the red line as the fire perimeter they think (too much smoke to tell yet for sure) and the blue line the point when they start to evacuate certain subdivisions....today though we have had rain all day, nice.

There were so many people they had to move the meeting outside. It was great to see all the communication and hopefully the firefighters can keep the fire at a safe distance. The incident base is at the bottom of Moose Mountain.