granite tors

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the early morning rain turned into a beautiful sunny day on our trail run. it was 15 miles and took longer than we thought, but it was awesome. we never saw pella, she ran up with ted and he had to drag her along...we allowed him a "pella handicap".

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tors on the ridge.


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great mocha that ben made me this morning!

i finally have a camera again, an unpassable deal on a nikon coolpix at fred meyers. we are headed out for a run/hike today at granite tors trail, but it is 46 and RAIN again...


julie and stac on their backpacking trip

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check out julie's blog. great pics of her and stac's trip backpacking/hunting in the brooks range, what great photos! I'm glad they are back to help with my coffee addiction and hanging out at ak roasters.

it has been raining for 17 days in fairbanks, my ride this morning it was 46F. still ben and i had a fun weekend running matias's tour de murphy dome. school starts next week already! i am missing my blog camera! dea


Back home

My trip North on the Dalton was a success. It rained for two days striaght, but I came away with solid images. I did nothing but drive, shoot, and eat (while driving). Good trip all in all.

Dea and Pella had rain here all weekend too. The weather today was perfect though- mid 70s. We were both able to get out for a run (Dea) and a bike (Me).

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Dea and I hiking with the dogs in the rain on Sunday.

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Getting some quality tripod time at the pipeline. This access road runs along almost the entire 800 miles of the line. I hiked this stretch for six miles or so where the line zig zags up a hill where I could shoot a good section. I'm not sure the what would have happened if I ran onto a worker out there. I was struck by how vulnerable the line is.

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This was my view for much of the time.

I'll post more images after my final edit for Matter.


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ben hanging out with pella before he leaves on his weekend adventure in the brooks range. i hope to smoke the rest of our salmon this weekend, rent some girlie movies and hike in the white mountains....



well we're back to our regular bloggin' ways.

went blueberry picking today on murphy dome. it's a bit early, and the berries are a tad tart, but we came home with a good haul. we got a flat on the way back down the hill though- this is the second one in the last couple months. new tires tomorrow.

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when we got back into town we saw these crazy tourists. the back of their bike said "DONG'S Guns, Amo, & Reloading. Tulsa, OK". wow.

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we're back

it has been awhile since our last post. i wasn't feeling the greatest and it turns out my camera is not waterproof, the combo put a stop to the blogging for awhile.

all is great now though and we spent the morning riding to the farmers market.
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julie and i eating some good pastries

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onions, yum.

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ben's funky argile socks and bike shoes.

ben has been shooting alot and next weekend he leaves for a solo trip to the arctic to shoot his "fuel" project for matter literary art journal, he is pretty excited to get out of town for a job. besides the blog pics he's been doing some pretty creative stuff, and adding to his "can't see denali from here" project.

all the dogs are ocming over for a run at birch hill, should be interesting.