Flying back from Mayo, again.

This picture was our lovely Sunday in Fairbanks, purlin' on the porch at Brown's. I'll be back in Fairbanks on Thursday night. I have to continue the research drug treatments every other week for a year. This is really not bad news, just inconvenient. The kidney is working great and that is the most important!
I really need to finish this sweater, it is an ugly vest currently. I am out of yarn on the right arm, I can hear Brown in my head " i told you so!". So I guess it will be a 3/4 arm length sweater.


Girls Night and Scotch and Socks round two

We had a great girls night last night. Thanks everyone for coming!
Friday night was our scotch and socks night at Brown and Cob's. Though we did not knit socks, only sweaters. There was a lot of scotch drinking by Ben and cob. Then the photos books came out and this time Kat was all over it....the photo book has a lot of thatch. What a fun weekend and tomorrow back to Mayo for a week.


Fairbanks has Bubble Tea!

Brown and I met for tea at Sipping Streams new loose leaf tea shop. I had a bubble tea that was awesome.

Skate skiing in warm weather!

I never got around to blogging Easter or anything lately. I fly back to Mayo on Monday. We had a big Polish Feast at Ed and Trevor's and it was great to see everyone! Fairbanks in the Spring time is so fun, but now we are entering break up and it is a bit muddy.


skiing the Yukon Quest Trail

We drove out to 12 mile summit to ski the Yukon Quest dog sled trail. It is 1000miles total from Fairbanks to Whitehorse. Ed and Jackson skied from BirchCreek off the Steese to Chena Hotsprings in record time with great weather and ski conditions, the ski was 40 miles.

This was my first long ski and it went great. Ben and I parted ways from Ed and Brian about 1/4 mile into the ski at this large overflow ice section. We headed up the Yukon Quest trail towards Eagle Summit, we only skied a few hours...it was great to be out!

Ben and Pella on the Quest trail. The ski conditions are still good here, 12 mile summit is about 80 miles north/NE of Fairbanks.



Transplant Update, back to AK for a few days!

I flew home to Alaska on Friday. Ben, Ed and Trevor met me at the airport. It is so great to be home. Trevor's kidney is working great, but I still have antibodies against it. Currently I am on an infusion every week/ every other week to prevent the antibodies from attacking the kidney. I do have to fly back to Mayo for the infusion week 7 and week 9. I am going to try and "commute" from Alaska to Mayo during those weeks and fly back so I do not have to stay there for 3 weeks. I also fly back in May for my 3 month check up. Thanks to everyone for the great support and frequent flyer miles. Also to my mom who has been my caretaker at Mayo for 5 weeks and flew me home to Alaska until my next treatment. My parents and family are just great and I am so thankful for their support.

Ben and I on the Chena River yesterday. It was a beautiful long sunny day in Alaska.

of course i really missed Pella too!