skate skiing at Creamer's, the trails are groomed and temps were warm. this morning it was 20 below, though. this was the last day out before this horrible cold/flu thing took over.
i recuperated all weekend, but i did make it out for an hour to the Annual Potato and Turkey fry and to Kat's fortieth B-day bash. who could miss that? here she is with Pink boa instead of the over the hill theme.
Kristen and Ed, I am not sure what theme Ed was dressed up for.


we had a dinner party at Ed's Friday, he is back from Uzbekistan on vacation. his favorite part is a video by dj smash. ben bought these funny martini glasses as a joke, so we used them, perfect amount for someone on dialysis less than one ounce.
Trevor trying out a tiny martini.
dinner at Brown at Cobbs so we could knit the night away. here is Brown trying on a skirt she knit and a few dj smash moves i was showing her.

knitting, pizza and photobooks, now that is a night.

Ben and i headed out for a ski at UAF. it was so fun, the snow is good. i am still using one arm, so it was a little slow...it will be 4 more weeks before the artery vein connection is healed, can't have that pull apart. we are headed to Birch tomorrow for some skate ski technique skiing, no poles or arms. perfect.
more knitting, but today it was about the chocolate, muffins and girl chat!


weekend of knitting

such a great snowy weekend in Fairbanks, hanging with my girlfriends, they all rock. we started out knitting at Kat's. here is Kat and Audrey relaxing in the sunshine. Audrey and I are both trying to knit a lace pattern fancy scarf together. we ended the day out to Bobby's for a gyro, my favorite.

Kristen and I started the morning out with Huff latte's, the best. then we took the dogs for a walk at Creamer's. the skiing is going to be awesome this year, we have a lot of snow already, i can't ski for 4-6 weeks waiting for this fistula to mature enough for dialysis. then the catheter comes out and then ski , hike and bike time!

headed off to Coffee Roasters for some more knitting and once again Brown took control, straightened out my knitting and got me on the right track. thanks Brown! Ben was also the star husband this weekend installing our new handicap shower thing for me and fixing a DPFE sensor on the truck and the check engine light went out.he also took the truck up to the white mountains and shot some photos. it might not be typical big ski pictures, which are coming, but equally as enjoyable.


the new hat i knit for Ben and our new beautiful tea set. Ben's hat even has a second wool layer around the ears.
Pella is glad we are home.
here is a gross picture of my scar. it crosses my elbow and then goes up the length of my upper arm. this is called an AV fistula and they tie a vein and artery together to make a large blood flow for the needles for dialysis. it is good to be home in wintery Fairbanks and i am now relaxing on the couch.
my mom and dad in the Library at the Transplant house, Sunday night before surgery. it was good to see them again at Mayo, one of these days we won't meet at a hospital.



we took a drive to historic Lanesboro today. cute town lots of modern art galleries and shops. they also have a 60 mile Root River bike trail that is groomed for skate skiing in the winter. it was fun to get away from Mayo Clinic for the day.
Ben's parents were in town today and we all went to Lanesboro. i even got them to do a jumping picture, nice. it was a beautiful day, we are soaking them up before we head back to Fairbanks in the teens and enough snow to cross country ski on.

we are missing Lisa and Dan's goodbye party tonight. they are moving back to New Zealand and we will miss them!


Mayo update

this is what we do here at Transplant House in between treatments. I knit, Ben reads and we drink hot tea, are we 80? we had more bad news yesterday, after 11 hours of treatment..plasma exchange, IVIG...nothing worked to bring the antibodies down. i am having a permanent access put in my arm on Monday and we fly back to Fairbanks later in the week. it was a disappointing day, but today is better.
TrevAH came to visit and we had fun hanging out at Mayo Clinic. if there is anyone to have fun at a hospital with it's TrevAH.
here i am in one of the waiting rooms today, i have been a knitting fool. i knitted straight thru 11 hours of iv treatments yesterday and all day today. i finished this scarf for a friends birthday and almost Ben's hat.