Brooks Range

Ben and I had a fantastic short weekend trip to the Brooks Range. The Brooks Range is 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle and around 300 miles north of Fairbanks. We stopped in Wiseman at Bernie and Uda's B&B to say hi to the winter classic guys too.

Atigun Pass was so beautiful, Ben shot the 4x5 and I could not wait to get out the skis. Over the pass it was still winter at -12F, but sunny and no wind.

Team Arctic Thunder with their shaved faces and angry looks. They are getting ready to traverse the Brooks Range on skis and back to Wiseman unsupported over the next week.

Heading toward the Brooks Range and Ben stopped to take a pic of the road with one of many haul semi's coming towards us.

Skiing early the next morning over Galbrith Lake and up the ridge.

We saw hundreds of Caribou and Sky was going crazy.


We also skied up the Atigun River Gorge before heading back to Fairbanks.

We ended missing the very start of winter classic, but you can the little dots of the skiers starting off over the ridge. We also took the traditional shots of the Farthest North Spruce Tree and the Arcticle Circle. It a blast being so far up north and I can not wait to explore far from the road this summer on our packraft trip.