Trail Running Moose Mountain

Kristen is training for the Humpy's Marathon in Anchorage. So we all did some of her 20 mile training run with her. I suggested the Moose Mountain mountain bike ride that I have done in the past and the route was great. I only did the out and back, but everyone else did the loop. This is my first outing with my new waterproof camera, finally. I just ruined another one packrafting.

Kristen, Ed, Ted and Ben starting off the trail run.

After our run we went to Ivory Jack's for burgers and it was open mic night so Dan played some Jack Johnson for us.

The crowd goes wild. OK, to be fair they just ran 20 miles :-)


Sailing Puget Sound

Audrey moved from Fairbanks Alaska to Anachordes Island in the San Juan Islands outside of Seattle. She bought this boat and lives on it. We went on a great sail it was fun to be out on the ocean. I have sailed many times on dad's boat on Lake Michigan, but in the last few years only once or twice. Audrey taught us the ropes. Julie lives not far from the boat so we were all able to hang out and sail on a beautiful sunny windy day.

Coming out from the channel and heading into the straight. The funny thing about this picture is we were kidding around, put up sails and almost missed seeing a tug boat with a tanker on the back.

We sailed up wind and then on a broad reach on the way back.

Julie and Audrey trying to catch all the wind, our top boat speed was 7 knots!

Heading back to the harbor. Next time we hope to sail longer and stay over night at another more remote island. It was great to see the ladies and Julie's house with the new remodel and meet her parents.


Cantwell Windy Creek to Jack River

Super fun Windy Creek packraft day trip. We started in Cantwell with a pretty easy 5 mile hike into Windy Creek. Mark, Ben, Ed, Dea, Magan and Tyler(taking pic).
Looking down from the trail to Windy Creek.

Blowing up the packrafts and getting ready to paddle.
Windy Creek was a big rapid the entire way with no flat water. A great river for such a short hike. Here is Ben and Tyler in the rapids. Nothing too scary, just a whole lot of awesome. Then the jack river is a calm float back to the take out and a 5 mile run back to the car.

Magan in the sinking packraft. It had a small leak and needed to be blown up several times, but it was no problem for her!


July 4th weekend

We drove down to the Denali Highway to backpack into 7 mile lake as the rest of the crew headed on a packraft trip. The trail ended in a few miles and we decided not to carry the chariot and Ann another 5 miles or so into the lake. We hiked McLaren summit trail instead. Both Ben and Ned were away for the weekend....Ben went into the Arctic Ocean! So we had a fun girls weekend while they were away.

After 7 mile lake we had a great dinner at McLaren Lodge.

The dogs ran free inside and out at the lodge. Here is another lab Denali and this cute little baby bird with it's mouth open wanting food from the lab. Denali did not know quite what to do.

Kristen and Anna hiking on McLaren Summit. Anna was a trooper at camping and hiked a ways with us each day.