Windy Creek - Fall

Bill, Ben and I did Windy Creek packraft trip on Sunday. It is a favorite day trip to really get out and paddle some easy rapids. It was a beautiful fall day with only a few showers later on.

All the leaves are changing, the leaves were all green a few days ago when we picked berries here.

This was Bill's first packraft trip, but he has navigated many rivers in a canoe and it was not a problem at all.

Bill and Ben negotiating the river.

The river was still high enough for another run before the snow fall in a few weeks. Though, where the Windy Creek tributary entered the Jack River was barley floatable.


Cantwell Creek

Heather, Laura and I did the Cantwell Creek Loop. We started up the regular Windy Creek Route, over Foggy Pass and descended down to the Cantwell River. Floated the Cantwell River to the Jack and took out at the bridge over the Jack River in Cantwell. It was a quick, fun overnight trip. Around 20 miles hiking and 20miles to float.
After the 5 mile hike into Windy Creek, we did not follow the narrow ridge down to the East Fork drainage and it was less climbing.....
But, a lot more bushwhacking.

Heading down the final descent to the East Fork, there were a few nice game trails to follow.

We camped at the far end of the drainage before going up Foggy Pass.

The next day we had 10 miles left to hike to the river and 20 mile paddle back to Cantwell.