short walk today, i feel a little better...but i have good drugs.


we had a funny walk at birch hill the other day. which one is pella?stacia and i trying to get a hold of the dogs.
this is a funny pic from the heavy metal party i could of attended friday, but instead ben and i spent it in the ER. i have some kind of infection in my transplanted kidney and they may have to do surgery next week to remove it. not fun or good timing, but sometimes you just can't get a break. so for now ben and i are just hanging out and i am trying to recover.


slack line party and barbacue

hanging out on the deck at Martin and Tawna's.
Tawna is a pro at the slack line, well it is her slack line.
i gave it a shot about 25 times, i am not so good at the slack line.

such a busy weekend, from a nice road ride, more wet trail dog walks on the cripple creek trails and of course the slack line. most of pics were pretty bad so i'll just put these. the road ride was tuff but great. it you don't pee, you can't drink...which is hard after a long ride.

Our good friend Patrick is flying to Mayo in a few weeks, hopefully the evaluation to be a donor will go good. Once again, I am so darn lucky to have such good friends and family.


ben and martin on a run yesterday on the still pretty wet trails.
the trail actually runs behind ben and i and martin and ben were soaked after running through. tawna and i opted for the extra tuff boot walk instead. headed out for a road ride today, finally.



Ben playing the didgeridoo at Sarah and Greg's on Saturday. Greg and Ben consumed a little scotch (ok, maybe alot) and it was a superfine evening with eggplant mousaka and rhubarb pie.
This is Greg and the view from their place, overlooking goldstream valley.
Break up boots are out again. Our walk at creamer's field was totally wet.


I went to see Sarah Hanson last night at 2 street station a cool coffeeshop downtown where few UAF folks venture. It was a great venue, a benefit concert and only about 30 people were there. Stacia, Tim and I enjoyed the music...I heard my favs like jake' going to the well and fairbanks.


kidney transplant update

well, we got some bad news from roger today at the mayo clinic. he can not donate his kidney. i am still very gratefull that he went through this for me. i guess it is back to the waiting game here, oh wait that is all we have been doing. ben are i are still staying positive. dialysis is of course not fun and it was a ruff week this week(rxn to meds, getting sick and the usual crap), but what can you do? keep living it up in AK!
i finally have my camera back from dan who took it too this ice camp 170 miles north of prudhoe bay on the beaufort sea in the arcitc ocean. the ice sheet was moving 5-10miles a day, the trip looked awesome from the pics anyway. above is the ice camp at sunset. dan and bill from our lab group went on this trip and collected snow samples, but this is the dive hole other researchers went in and it is moving so they had to swim with flippers to keep near the exit-man that would freak me out, the ice was moving so fast they could barely keep up.



We had an Easter feast Sunday with lots of Polish food. We made the usual kapusta (polish sour kraut) and horseradish and beet sauce. The beet sauce is for the egg as pictured above, yummy.Well still feast around the coffee table here at the Huff house. Ben's big toe made this pic too. Thanks all for coming, and Julie for her G-Flush story.


Spring came so suddenly, from 20 below to 50 everyday. Ben and I decided to get our last skis of the year in. Friday we skate skied Creamers Field (already plowed for the birds) and Saturday hit the backcountry at Clearly summit for some tele turns.Hiking up from the Steese. It is a quick and steep ascent , you can earn your turns pretty easily .About to ski and the view was great on and off as some clouds rolled through.

Pella met a friend within two minutes of our hike. He skied with us all day, he was a local, and didn't want Pella to leave.


4th Annual Ski for Women Race

Julie and I after the 3K race. Julie was up with the leaders and I finished way later. Former Olympian skate skier Aelin Peterson led this fun race today for the domestic violence shelter. 150 women skiers of all ages(one around 4yrs old, she did great) and most with costumes showed up to ski. We had a blast and after there was a huge buffet lunch and prizes.The top prize was free pair of skis and I won them! Can you believe it? It was a pretty exciting day.
After I dropped Dan and crew off in Nenana, Ben and I skied from the finish towards them. This is Ben's cool hairdo, because we are finally skiing with our hats off, I think I even have sun burned cheeks. There was headwind toward Nenana(as usual) and their 5 hour ski turned into 10, so we never ran into to them.Here is the finish at the Pump House, usually we are sitting on the deck looking out at the Chena River, but it is going to be awhile yet. Ben then took me too a photography friends birthday party. Dennis also heads up the fuel cell center at UAF and we had a lot in common from my last job working on oxygen separation membranes. We then stopped by Balshi's for a grilled salmon feast and Ben ended up playing this ridiculous xbox driving game where you can buy Ben Sherman clothes, cars, houses, model's ect....