up the dalton

ben and i drove up the dalton towards the arctic circle on sat. ben has another amazing camera, the linhof 4x5 that he borrowed from dennis. this is a nicer camera than we will ever own in our lifetime, the body alone is over 6 grand. ben was excited to shoot portraits of the crazy moose hunters coming off the Yukon River. it was a cold brown day, snow over the hills, but not down at the river. this is dave, he was down river 25omiles toward the bering sea with his family for 3 weeks at their moose camp. everyone is interested in the this camera and all the portraits ben shot, the people were totally into standing there for awhile.
pella and i hiked way down the banks of the Yukon River. we saw grizzly tracks, but no bears.


4 years!

today was our 4 year anniversary. here we are taking pella for a walk before our big night out and modeling our woolly rhino wear(me-royal robbins,/patagucci and ben-horny toad/arcteryx)

we went to Lavelle's for dinner and here is ben cruising the downtown streets of the 'Banks.we spent the evening at the grand opening for woolly rhino. our 2nd store to shop at in Fairbanks. our friend cheryl left Beaver Sports to open her own store. we modeled clothes and helped people. in return we got a great discount on the clothes and new puffy coats for the 40 below weather. here i am "helping". ben was a sales rock star and i think he met half the town tonight the place was packed.on a more serious note, it is has now been over a year waiting for a kidney transplant and being on dialysis 3 days a week. i still have a positive attitude and i know things will work out someday, but i could not have done it with out ben. thanks best husband. love , dea


we had friends over for dinner sat. we all loved sarah's boiled frosting chocolate cake.
we did the creamer's field boardwalk and tried out the winter coats.
the northern lights were amazing again. here is another crappy photo from my camera, the lights were intense as early as 9pm or so.


it was a beautiful night last night at creamers field, in the 40's but no wind. the low lying fast moving clouds were very dramtic. here is ben shooting his 8x10 while i ran with pella. the leaves are almost gone and there is snow is the forecast!


Matias Wins!

ben and i decided go cheer on the equinox runners this year even though i was not racing. we saw all of our friends running, enjoyed some brisk end of fall weather and Matias won! his time was 2:50 and that is great for this hilly, steep, rooty trail course. the equinox marathon has been around 25 years and is rated 3rd toughest in the country, come on up and race!
kristen, ned and anna. kristen and ned run the marathon every year. kristin was third for the women this year and she has won it in the past.
smiling trevor ran his first equinox marathon!

jackson finishing, showing his butt off, again. watching the finish.


congrats martin on passing your orals! we had some good toasts and wine at fancy lavelle's downtown tonight. martin is moving up to PhD candidate...headed to Russia to study more walrus.


smith lake is so pretty in the fall. stac, tim and the dogs joined us for a ride around campus.


Cachou (kash-oo)

another successful game night at ed's. it was cool enough for the wood fired stove and time for balderdash. we learned we can go the store and by kamtulicon, look at paintings with putti, and hope we don't run into a bedswerver.
trevor hogging the luv sac. pella had a great time visiting with Caz, even though julie is far away, 'cause ted is watching her.


well, I have nothing going on right now except school...which is everything, but not that fun to blog. So I'll blog again about other friends. My newest blog link is my friend Megan from Boulder who just moved to Mexico City. She is starting her career as a scientist and we are in similar atmospheric chemistry fields. I am excited for her in new adventure!


this is my favorite picture of poor sky, the only one with out a boat on ed, dan, brian and trevor's alaskan adventure most people only dream of doing. check out ed's blog for the full story. (check out the alpacka rafts, packs out at 4lbs!)


ben's new toy. he borrowed this 8x10 large format camera from fellow photographer dennis. he has a light meter and film too. he has not been this happy since he met me :-) what a great weekend it was to be out shooting, riding and running.setting up the glass for a shot, this camera is huge. the negative is 8 "x 10", hence the name.


we went to silver gulch brewery, way out in Fox sat night. it is so packed with people every day and night. this is the new beer tasting room, which is totally unfinished. construction lights in the corner, plywood floors and half finished is still hands down the nicest restaurant in fairbanks.
we headed out to sarah and greg's to watch the aurora later that night.

here is sarah looking overhead at the aurora from her chair. oops. the aurora was just fantastic last night, but my camera can not capture it. i would check out Patrick's blog for some awesome shots over the last few nights. lots of solar flare.