good morning. this post looks like the last few, still 41 below(-55 with the wind chill, but does it really matter at this point) this morning. i am headed to the lab this morning, good temp to get some work done. of course we had nice game night get together at martin's cabin last night. Trevor is just back from Thailand (installing a water system in a remote village) and trying to get back into the cold weather.
patrick still rode his bike, colder than 45 below the pedals will not turn...hopefully he made it home last night because it was pretty close.


36 below

it is 36 below this morning and supposed to be this cold until Tuesday of next week. it does warm up slightly late in the day. i need my snow pants to go for a walk, the car door latches froze this morning so we had to hold them shut a few miles until the oil i am guessing warmed up enough to let the latch fall. after 40 min the car is still not warm, all and all it pretty great though.

thanks for all the emails regarding getting tested to donate. i really, really appreciate the support.


transplant update/ saturday's earthquake

small earthquakes are pretty common here in Alaska. Saturday morning several of us felt the birch lakes, 4.9 earthquake. they always display the current earthquake report with the weather.

in other news, we are still searching for a donor for a kidney transplant. all of the family came back with a positive crossmatch, which means they can not donate. now, several friends from Fairbanks and Ben's dad Roger are getting tested. we are hoping this round goes better. thanks to everyone that has been tested. i am so lucky to have such great friends and family willing to donate.

cold sunday

our interior warm spell is officially over - we awoke to a frigid 23 degrees below zero this morning. i had kind of gotten used to the comfortable range of 10 below to 10 above. the sun is shining though, and we're gaining about 8 minutes of light a day.

we're both really busy here. i'm shooting quite a bit, and working several projects that i'll share later. Dea is really busy at school right now too. papers, classes, research...she's studying like mad. the blog will probably be a little dead here for a while.

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Dea at the lab - here home away from home

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the lab's instrument for measuring N2O5

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Dea- happy to be going home for the night

i'm finally processing, and printing, some photos from the Midwest in Dec/Jan. ..
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Sharae & Caden

till later.



the love sac

we had another game night at ed's last night. ben, julie and i sat on the love sac, it is very comfy. ed got it last time he was in boulder. we played balderdash and it was hilarious.
dan flew to barrow this morning (check out your AK map, norhern most point to the north pole that is still land) so we are watching sky. we went for a skijor and i took this while holding on as we chased down ben skijoring with lucy and ted skiijoring with ty. it was 5 below this morning, not a bad temp for a ski. pella she won't pull, so she just runs along the side.
sky at full speed.


CAZ was sooo fast this weekend on our river ski. The river was good for skate skiing. I think we have to have a ski down, Caz vs. Sky.


we did a moonlight ski at stacia's friday night. she had these ice pillars with candles in them that lined her driveway. pretty cool.
then we played a homemade game that kumi gave to laura for her bachelorette party, she is married now, but it is still a fun game. grad school is getting crazy busy so not too much time to blog. we also went to a good first friday's at wells street gallery.