we don't seem to get far from the frozen Chena River or the Noyes Slough since we can ski them from our Condo door. it is pretty fun to ski around the city of Fairbanks on the Rivers during the slim daylight...

or at night with Ann who also moved into town near the slough.

thanksgiving at Ann's was just great. here is Mike, he brought grizzly bear! that was a treat, this was one of the infamous salcha bears that was getting into trouble down there, Mike works for fish and game.
pic of us and Kat and part of Ed. after dinner we all did a slide show of some favorite pics. we had quite the range from AK Austria, Uzbekistan and even Buton Island.


ben and i were able to get out of town for the day Sunday and tele ski Cleary Summit. There was some crusty snow, but we had a great time on the skin up. the day ended with yes, more knitting at Browns. all of my projects are coming along and maybe i'll have some pics soon! ben's tele turns are looking good these days, especially in this crud!

Kristen and I stopped by to use the yarn baller. Pretty cool.


update on Dan's cabin. i was thinking about him tonight because it is 30 below right now and still he has no electricity or monitor heat. two large windows in the front are not in yet..yikes.
Cobb and Ben sharing some scotch this past weekend at our Friday night dinner and knitting.

just pella. she was staring at me all night like this, i guess because i am on the computer and busy. so cute.


great girl's night last night.


My good friend Audrey donated her kidney last week to a friend. The kidney transplant was a success and she truly saved a life. What an awesome thing she did. I am glad Julie lives near Seattle to be with her and I can't wait till she is back in Fairbanks for more knitting and skiing!


smith lake

great weekend of skiing for Ben and I. trying to get in some miles before our trip to Tolovana in a few weeks.


ben drove to Deadhorse this weekend on the Haul Road, way way north of the Arctic Circle and as far north as you can drive until you hit the Arctic Ocean. He is continuing his ongoing Haul Road photo project with the large format camera. These are a few digital snapshots of the trip. 16 musk ox, how cool is that?in Coldfoot Camp he went dog mushing with an 8 dog team and had a great ride. we are headed out to an election party at Ed's, of course we voted (early this year)!