5 year Anniversary at Mayo Clinic

ben and i yesterday at Mayo Clinic. we had some disappointing news since we have been here, that the chemo did not work as we had hoped. we decided to try plasma exchange for 5 days and this treatment started immediately the day i arrived. the treatment is outpatient, but you still get a bed and they cycle all of your blood out, spin it and remove the plasma. blood plasma contains antibodies and then they replace plasma with fake plasma called albumin. so we started out our anniversary doing that and then some rest and ended with a great dinner.
we went out to Jasper's and had an imported cheese plate, crepes with wild mushrooms and walleye(i have to enjoy some things i normally can't- it is our anniversary). this morning we are walking back to Mayo for another plasma exchange. not ideal, i am little freaked out, but we are making the best of it....we don't find anything out on the next steps until Tuesday. luckily i already fit in a little retail therapy :-)


last minute knitting

Norma and Brown knitting socks. i had a knitting party this weekend so i could get some help on my two new projects. thanks to Brown and crew, i am learning a ton.
Sarah working a kid hat and Kat helping Kristen unravel and restart her blanket. Lisa also stopped by for moral support :-) At least I was able to see everyone before leaving on Wednesday.


the "Germans" had a going away party, again. they called and cooked for everyone, we had a few last laughs tonight until we see them again someday. last time they left town in their green 1952 vw bug, they past an abandoned vw bus in someone's yard. they bought the bus, brought it back to Fairbanks, and rebuilt the engine. tomorrow, they are driving down the alcan. these are seriously crazy fun guys, Dirk, Torsten and Steffan we will miss you...Ben has also been able to get some great photos for his ongoing Haul Road project.
the equinox marathon was this weekend. ben and i had great time, i was the team manger and Ben was the driver for the Kristen , Ted and Dan relay team. We also help support Lisa on her marathon. near the top of ester dome at the 3rd relay spot it was a cold, windy race.

Lisa finishing and our great cheer section near the finish. Dan, Matias (finished 2nd in 2:56), Ben, DanP, Ted, Kristen, Lena and Mike.
after the race with my good girlfriends Lisa, Kristen and Lena. they all ran great and as usual it was my 3rd year supporting. the first year i ran and i hope to run again next year after a transplant!! some serious lounge time after with Trevor and the Germans.


Ted at the grill during Kristen's hot tub dinner party this weekend.

Kim, Chris and Albert sporting their new glasses. nice.
i finally finished my first hat! i am wearing it in this picture on our tea and music night tonight with Kristen. Hem, Fleet Foxes and old, old Bo Deans. Brown helped me fix the hat and I learned how to do a cable, plenty of new things to try at Mayo next week. i have to start my brother Dave's hat, from last years Christmas. i am running a little behind.
Ben and Dan on the 45 degree roof, Ben is sure getting pretty handy. i can't wait until we build our own place someday!


great dinner at chez Brown and Cobb. Brown took at look at my lastest knitting project and had to keep it overnight to correct it! she can fix anything in a matter of minutes and is the most expert knitter i know, so my work "being admitted" for an overnight is never a good sign. i am grateful for her help.
Dennis picked us up from a secret dirt road spot that lead right to the Tanana River. we took the boat up river to his family and friend sand bar picnic spot, it was a beautiful day to be on the river,

the gravel bar spot for the picnic with their family and friends.
Ben's rarified light picture is now showing at an exhibit at the Bear Gallery and there was a write up about it in the News Miner and three other local Fairbanks photographers in the show that is state wide and tours to different galleries.



dan and sky putting rafters up on the roof of the cabin. the cabin is looking good!
ben and i went over to help with the rafters last night. this is ben being manly.


these gals crack me up, this is supposed to be a picture of us dancing. a cool night on the pump house deck.
a little light reading on Ed's deck watching all of the leaves fall. winter is close.