Juneau and finally pics of the house

Back in December, we packed up the cars and drove to Haines to board the M/V Fairfeather ferry. Bad choice in the winter on Alaska Marine Highway, it only runs in fair weather. So we were stuck in Haines for 3 days waiting for the M/V Kennicott and we loved it! Pella's new past time is muching on mussels on the beach.

Pulling into Juneau on the M/V Kennicott ferry in route from Haines.
We love our new house! It is on steep hill with a view of the mountains and the ocean through the kitchen window. We live right downtown. Now that Ben is back in Fairbanks teaching photography for the semester, I have no car and walk everywhere.

I love the open kitchen cabinets. The house is an old mine shack from Kennsington Mine that has been renovated. Hopefully it will not slide down the hill like part Gastineau Ave has in the past....It was built in 1935.

Upstairs bedroom. The downstairs has another bedroom and gear closet. Ben is making that his studio, so currently it is an empty room/bathroom for all of guests that have been visiting!

Ben on the front porch with his coffee.