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the walk to campus today, -20 below and ice crystals. definetly not the coldest it has been...

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from the chemistry building overlooking fairbanks, you can not see much today.

Ben is liking his new job at ABC, we have some poster swag and Alex Tribec from Jepordary is coming to Fairbanks. He even wears a tie everyday, pictures to follow today!!


gettin' dumped on

faribanks has been getting pounded with snow this weekend, and we are loving it. Stacia came over for omlets this morning (Kimberly gave me a dozen fresh eggs from her chickens yesterday!). we got out for a hike and some photos ar Creamer's Field this morning, and did a quick skijor with pella on the slough behind the condo later in the day. we are lookign forward to getting a run in at the Moose later in the week.

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pella and i cruisin' the slough

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dea walking at Creamer's Field



Good Luck Party at Stacia's!

Martin's big race is this weekend. 350 mile ski race from Knik to McGrath, Alaska. This is one tough race, when setting the trail a guy died in an avalanche! We all wish you the best of luck Martin! I know you'll be fast as heck, because after all your are a Nitrate Radical!

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Martin relaxing before the big race.

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Stacia and Julie cooking moose steak spagetti, it was great. Julie is eating a bacon cookie that Stacia made for Martin, all the rage in food for endurance sports!

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the gang, also watching the olympics, theater seating style in Stacia's cabin.

You can keep up with Martin on his adventure at :

Things are going great in Fairbanks, just finished a mid-term and looking forward to some skate skiing this weekend!


skijor with Pella

I have finally been able to get out, Pella and I did the 1/2 mile loop twice (yes only 1 mile total, but I have to start somewhere!) and she did great. Ben skate skied to other trails at Creamers field, there is a 13.8 mile loop he went to check out. We are excited to have a new set of skate ski/skijor trails so close to the new condo.

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Ben headed out to check out the loops

It is snowing like crazy today and maybe the Moose will have some new powder to tele ski this week!
Take care,


the blender question

Hi all. I am back to studying on campus today. Among the Dan, Ted, Dea conversations at work (which usually revolve around dogs, skiing and running) was Dan asking if he could borrow our blender. when I ask what for- he said to blend carbou brains to tan the hide of his caribou! Wow, you don't get that question everyday. I said no.
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Ben ran with Pella today on the slough(secondary river) behind our condo. It is a great area and the slough leads to the Chena River that flow through downtown- he can ski to his new job. There is also Creamers Field across College with a ton of skate skiing and skijoring. We are both enjoying the new area.


the new condo

a few quick pics of the new condo. of course our favorite new room is the bathroom.
We are not totally moved in, we are headed out to finish unloading the shed once Dan butchers the caribou that is in there.

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I even bought rusk calm blue shampoo to match the blue in the shower curtain....

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running water in the kitchen too and even a dishwasher!

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Pella loves her new Fido Fleece bed, she sleeps in it all the time. maybe it was her week outside at 40 below?

back to the books, a long 3 1/2 weeks of school to catch up on!

Yukon Quest 2006

Ben and I were able to make it to the start of the Yukon Quest 1,000 mile long dog sled race from Fairbanks to Whitehorse in the Yukon. It was so cool to see the dog teams take off, the start and first 100miles is on the Chena River. The start is downtown Fairbanks and we live pretty close now.
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good to be home

i'm not sure what happen to our last post in seattle- mystery blogger delete.

we are back in fairbanks, and it feels good to be home. we are slowly moving in to our new place, and it's looking great. it's much more like our old place in boulder, and much less like our little cabin in the woods. we will miss the quiet nights, aurora sightings, and letting pella run free though. living in town has it's high points too- um...crapping inside is cool.

dea is making progress, but still has a long way to go. she was able to teach lab this week, and is happy to be getting back in a routine. we have been busy, but we are getting things more under control.

all for now.

mike and sara make another guest appearence.


dinner on the Puget Sound

Jen took us out for a fabulous seafood dinner on the Puget Sound at Ray's Cafe on Shilshole Bay. Ben had some crazy crab leg thing and they gave us this bib! Thanks Jen and Brad for everything!(brad made the reservations from Boulder)(check out my new jacket, retail therapy today)dea
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Hi all. It has been awhile. The hospital was a very big deal and very scary, BUT I am on the road to a full recovery. I have some new meds and some new lifestyle changes, but nothing that Ben and I can't handle. Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, email and gifts. They meant so much to me. Our good friend Jen is visiting from Boulder, she used to live here and the tour has been awesome. We are finally able to enjoy Seattle today, our last day here.

Image hosting by Photobucket jen and I at Pikes Market Place, fish store, original starbucks and chocolate shopping

Image hosting by Photobucket Jen eating a huge coffee cake at Phinney Ridge Cafe, in the Phinney ridge area where they used to live, cool place. they micro fresh roast mae's coffee beans.

Image hosting by Photobucket ben getting his cut across the street at this barber shop, fixing my lame haircut job.

Ben has finished designing his new photo site! he wanted to create it all himself and I think it is pretty cool, I have no idea how to do html stuff. i don't think it's totally finished yet, but check it out...www.huffphoto.com

we will be home by friday to fairbanks!! take care dea