Ben's Photo Show

Ben's Frist Friday photo show at Well Street Art Gallery. This is one of the many images showing in his "Can't see Denali from here series", the opening is tomorrow from 5-8pm. (minus the big reflection from my flash, the gallery make these for all the artists)
First Friday's are always fun here in Fairbanks, but this time it is Ben's photos. How exciting! We are then headed out for a big dinner, we hope to see you all. I'll post some pics after the show.


family photo, getting out at 30 below, at creamer's field.


Happy Bday Ed!

ed cutting up julie's peanut butter almond chocolate cake!


Hi All. Well the transplant is postponed again. Thank you to everyone that has written and called, we appreciate the support. We should know something more in a week or two. It was sad news at first, but as always we just keep moving on. We are so lucky to have such a great support community here in Fairbanks and the lower 48. I am grateful to have a donor willing to do this for me!

I am really busy in the field and taking a class this semester and dialysis..I will sleep someday :-)


send off party

we had a send off party last night at Trevor's and it was great to see everyone. i was pretty tired and headed back to work, but we even played a round of baffle gab.
my thoughtful and generous friends, Lisa, Dan and Trevor put these packages together for Patrick and I. tea, yarn, llamas and empanadas (chick cycling South America), games and the OC. good thing I have a portable DVD player so Ben and I can watch on the plane. I will miss my Fairbanks friends in while in MN.
Patrick opening his gifts. Thanks to everyone for coming and we hope to see you all soon! Ben's friends from Barnes also put together a care package, very nice, considering I don't even know them. I bet Ben is a pretty good boss.



we had such a great snow storm last night. not really great for research at the hut, but great for skiing! it has not snowed this much in one night in years here, we don't get big dumps like CO, but we always have snow because it never melts. it was fun night out at the hut/shed for work. the video has no sound but goes like this:
here is the hut in the snow storm,
here is the met tower and inlet,
looking back at the shed only a few hundred feet away and...
the inside of the hut taking N2O5 measurements at night.
hanging out in the shed, it is not so bad inside.

less than a week until we leave for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN! Ben will be missing the opening to his first show at Wells Street Gallery on the 1st. We have lots of friends that are going and will take pictures. The Gallery decided to have a closing party also. Feb 29th from 6-8pm, so mark your calendars for that and Ben will be there!


i picked up julie and dan from the airport last week, we caught up with stories from Anarctica and Germany. they moved up the transplant date, so i am leaving jan. 23rd! the actual transplant is jan. 29th. i think everything will be crazy until we leave, trying to be out in the field for work.

science at 40 below

we have been busy this past week moving our hut to our new location. days at 40 below create new challenges working in the field.strong temperature inversions trap all the pollution near the surface. this is on the way down the UAF hill.


happy 35th Ben!

we went with a fun group of friends to Silver Gulch Brewery "the farthest north brewery". look at the crazy face on this guy.
they have all these imported beers, the corsendonk was the guys favorite. thanks everyone for coming out.


Happy 2008!

Martin, Ben and Rebbecca out at Lavelle's Bistro. we had a good night with friends to ring in the new year. It was a fancy smancy night, with some very expensive wine(thanks Russ).

even with great food and all this excitement, i am sorry to say, we didn't make it to midnight!