Sea Kayaking Hoonah to Tenakee

Point Retreat lighthouse, just north of Juneau and the ferry is ready to turn into Lynn Canal, then icy straight and starting destination Hoonah, Alaska.

We poured over maps, gps coordinates of the cabin, the portage and poured a few beers. The M/V LeConte left Juneau and our week long sea kayak vacation began with tons of whale watching.As we hurried off from Hoonah down Port Fredrick to our only night at a cabin, we spread way out over the sound. The weather was warm and falling seas were calm. Then, amazingly, a whale breached between our group of kayaks and some of us were screaming like little girls.

Heather cooking a smoked salmon dinner the first night. Ben headed to the stream for fresh water and had our closest bear encounter of the trip.

We lined our kayaks through the mile long hidden stream that ended at our portage over to Tenakee Inlet.

Muddy in parts.

The actual portage was only 300 ft over a small hill.

Every inlet on the Tenakee Inlet side were filled with wildlife, including many bears. There were 7 bears that we could see before moving on to the next camp spot. (photo by Ed)

As standard practice in heavily populated brown bear areas like Chichagof Island, we cooked dinner and then paddled to our campsite.

...and then another campsite. This sow had three very small cubs.

Juvenile bald eagle.

Long bay had hundreds of seals and seal bay had only a few.

Every night camping we had great weather and views.

Marke just completed an intensive marine biology course at Cape Decision, and acted as our trip marine biologist. Here he is holding a jelly (no longer called a jellyfish, sea star are no longer starfish....).

Sea cucumber.
Grassy Rock.

This image shows the exact precision of Jeff Oatley's tide predication, and a source of some doubters who shall remain nameless. High tide at 00:36, 17.6 feet, water on three sides, and no bear worries.

A few miles from Tenakee we saw our first fishing vessel Miss Tammy, a seiner, catching salmon.Kayaking into Tenakee, population 100 in the summer.

Tenakee hot spring community bath house and the only local government, the bath house committee.

The 8 hour ferry ride back from Tenakee to Juneau was filled with relaxing, story telling and a few beers.

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Wanda Koryczan said...

Awesome pictures! More adventures with friends to log into your memoirs. Thanks for sharing!