Robertson River

The hike up from Cathedral Rapids near Tok was beautiful.
We were able to hike straight up the drainage to the start of the climb and there was one waterfall after another.

The climb up the pass was relativity short and ended just below snow line.

We had a few solid sheep trails that made for easy climbing on and off.

The pass was guarded by the sheep.

Ann and I before the unknown decent to the Robertson River. The last 6 miles of the 17 mile hike was filled with brush, deep creek crossings and alder cliffs. We used the new term alder elevators to swing back down the cliffs to the creek and finally arrived at the Robertson River at 10 pm. It was one long awesome hike.

The next morning we floated the fast, fun and braided Roberton River 25 miles back to the bridge.

Trevor at the pullout and conclusion of our kidney reunion packraft tour. We even caught up with Ben at one campsite, had a bonfire and many laughs.


Wanda Koryczan said...

Great pics Dea! Looks like another fun adventure.

cord hege said...

Hi! What an awesome trip! It's inspiring enough that I am thinking of an attempt myself! I had a few questions about your route, but I know people can be protective over their special places. If you don't mind me asking, were you able to simply head up Cathedral Rapids Creek 1? Was there a trail to begin with or did you have to bushwack at first? How is getting up and over the pass? Total days? I have lots of questions but I guess it wouldn't be an adventure if I knew everything before taking off! I'd appreciate any tips though!